The most fashionable evening manicure 2021: the best ideas in the photo

Every woman has her own taste in colors and clothing style, but she also has her own personal views on manicure. One girl loves sharp and long nails, while another representative of the fair sex believes that nails should be short and square. Therefore, manicurists try to take into account all the whims of women. When creating an evening look, many beauties get lost in choosing a manicure design, since its variation is very large. We suggest devoting this article to this particular topic, so that it becomes a little easier for modern women and girls to cope with the difficult task of choosing an evening manicure.

Evening manicure in two or more colors

This manicure option is popular not only among young girls, but also among already accomplished women. This is due to the fact that even two nails highlighted in a different color can diversify a boring and familiar monochromatic manicure. Three-color design is considered popular in 2021. Particular attention is paid to combinations of black, red and white varnish. The incredible contrast of blue and gray, powder and light blue, pink and yellow shades also looks original. Many manicurists like to experiment with color schemes. For example, in some cases, each nail has two shades at once, which have a dividing line between them. It will be done using golden ribbons. It is also interesting and unusual that both shades complement each other using a pattern in the form of a geometric figure. By the way, such a wonderful ornament can be made in a third color.

Red elegant manicure

Often, to create an elegant manicure, people turn to red polish. It looks bold, but at the same time feminine. In addition, this is a classic nail color that has been used by all popular film stars since ancient times. The main thing with a red coating is not to overdo it with the design, and choose the color of the varnish itself as warm as possible.

Elegant manicure 2020-2021 photo_36

Elegant manicure 2020-2021 photo_35

Elegant manicure 2020-2021 photo_34

Elegant manicure 2020-2021 photo_33

Elegant manicure 2020-2021 photo_31

Thematic ornament in evening manicure

The time has come when meaningless drawings were replaced by paintings that resemble real artistic masterpieces. This nail design once again demonstrates the skills and talents of true professionals. Nowadays, there are such paintings that occupy not one nail plate, but even two or three at once. Thus, a real composition appears before us, capable of conveying the entire meaning and mood of the future owner of the manicure. In cases where the master cannot depict such art, special slide stickers are often used. With their help you can also create real miracles. Moreover, performing an evening slide manicure with a pattern will not take much time.


Beautiful evening manicure 2021-2022: which design to choose for a special occasion?Nail rubbing has already become mega popular thanks to many nail artists who use this decor in their work, as well as the fair sex, who are so fond of rubbing with a variety of effects.
The design with rubbing is self-sufficient, but if desired, it can be safely combined with designs on the nails, sparkles in the form of glitter and kamifubuki, as well as with rhinestones. This manicure with a mirror, holographic or pearl polish is ideal for any celebration or holiday.

Evening manicure in a minimalist and geometric style

For several years in a row, both styles of manicure have been winning women’s hearts. The most important thing is that they look perfect not only on a square-shaped nail plate, but also on sharp claws. It also stands quite confidently and the minimalist style looks original on almond-shaped nails. Minimalism and geometry can decorate light, dark, matte, bright and glossy coatings. Ordinary dots, squares, triangles, diamonds are not considered complex, but they have an incredibly skillful and festive look. The main thing is to place them correctly.


Beautiful evening manicure 2021-2022: which design to choose for a special occasion?An abundance of rhinestones will allow you to create the most beautiful and fashionable evening manicure, from which you cannot take your eyes off.
The delightful shine of rhinestones and crystals will wonderfully decorate both long and short nails. You can use this decor on square, almond and ballerina nails. Craftsmen skillfully combine rhinestones with other types of decor, such as glitter and foil. You can use crystals, rhinestones, bouillons and pearls not only in mono design, but also in different nail design techniques - French, “cats”, stamping, gradient, lunar design.

Evening manicure style 2021

Incredible combinations of leopard and snake print are considered trendy shades of 2021. They have been at the top of the ranking lists of evening nail art for several years now. Also, a special place is occupied by floristry, which can transform and decorate any boring manicure. With the help of small flowers, twigs and petals, manicurists convey all the beauty of nature. In 2021, metallic and gradient style options play an important role in evening manicure. Moreover, at this time it is very fashionable to combine both directions together.


Beautiful evening manicure 2021-2022: which design to choose for a special occasion?Mostly for evening manicure they use a dark base and deep rich shades.
But if you prefer light manicure colors and delicate designs, then why not try one of the beautiful evening manicure options in a light solution. The following light shades will be popular for holiday manicure 2021-2022:

  • Lactic
  • Cream
  • Powdery
  • Sky blue
  • Light pink
  • Light gray

You can complement the above shades in a chic manicure for the evening with pieces of foil, strips of bendable foil, glitter, cobwebs, splashes of paint, liquid metal, crystals and other current nail decors.

Evening manicure with foil, rubbing and shimmering sparkles

Most girls try to have a perfect appearance at a crucial moment in their lives. Thus, they pay special attention not only to the style of clothing, but also to an important element of the image - manicure. It is in such cases that manicurists suggest using shiny or shimmering decorations in nail design. With their help, a woman's image takes on an elegant, festive, and most importantly, impressive look. But it is worth remembering that excess overflow can ruin the entire manicure. But if you approach quantitative dosages correctly, the manicure will look completely different (exquisite, rich).

Natural textures

One of the most mysterious and outlandish manicure options is, without any doubt, the “natural texture” design.
This manicure is always unique and inimitable, and in combination with glitter, rubbing, rhinestones and foil it looks chic and incomparable. “Natural textures” imitate the patterns of various natural minerals - marble, quartz, aquamarine, amber, as well as the effect of smoke. Masters offer both rich and bright designs and calm, restrained interpretations of “natural textures” on nails in matte and glossy solutions.

Matte finish for evening manicure

A matte background has always looked and will look elegant and also quite extravagant. This coating is especially unusual and incredibly original when combined with paintings, stickers, rhinestones and bouillons. But manicures where a few drops of autumn rain are applied on a matte background are in particular demand. But this type of design, of course, is only suitable in the autumn, or spring. Matte finish is in perfect harmony with dark tones of varnish, since dark contrast provides a unique opportunity to highlight the most important ideas of any manicure.


Beautiful evening manicure 2021-2022: which design to choose for a special occasion?Unobtrusive and unusual cobweb patterns ideally complement any manicure, allowing you to add completeness and mystery to even the most beautiful and luxurious nail design for a special occasion.
The spider web gel paint design looks best as an addition to a combined manicure. Large glitter sparkles, rhinestones, “natural textures”, inscriptions on nails, quail effect, abstraction and gradient look great with a complementary cobweb pattern.

Stamping when performing an evening manicure

Everyone already knows about the wonderful technology of applying an ornament to the nail plate using the so-called printing. Stamping is a pre-made design that is transferred to the nail using a silicone sponge. Monograms, flowers, and lace can be used as designs. These are the patterns that are often used in evening manicure. Light and airy monograms are often applied to rich shades (red, black or brown). The ornament itself is made in white or gold. Well, if the main tone of the manicure is light, then the ornament, of course, is made in a dark or bright shade.

Every year, manicurists present to the public many interesting ideas and technologies for performing evening manicures. Therefore, girls and women can make themselves an incredible evening nail design every time. At the same time, the ornaments and decor will never be repeated. Try and experiment with new ideas and color schemes when doing your manicure. Everything is just for you, dear beauties!

Standard procedure for preparing nails for manicure

Action No1. Before you start your holiday manicure, take a warm bath. You need to pour warm water into a container, add sea salt (or essential oils) there. Then dip your fingers there for 15 minutes. After this, you should not file your nails immediately. The nails have softened and may begin to peel. You have to wait 1.5-2 hours.

Action No2. Taking a nail file, you need to give your nails the desired shape. It is necessary to file in one direction so that the nail plate is not damaged. A glass file is a great helper in this case!

Action No3. We need to start removing the cuticle. First you need to choose the type of manicure. In trimming, the cuticle is trimmed with scissors or forceps. In unedged, the cuticle is coated with a special oil, and then the excess is removed with a thin stick.

Action No4. Selecting the right nail polish color for an evening dress, hairstyle, makeup, shoes. Markets and stores sell various varnishes and all kinds of decorations for manicure. Once the girl has made her choice, she needs to apply colorless varnish to her nails. As soon as it dries, cover your nails with colored varnish, and then secure with a top coat.

Once all the steps have been completed to bring your hands into proper condition, you can begin manicure for your evening dress.

Enchanting Veil

A veil on nails is a chic option for an evening manicure design. If you draw it by hand, it will always be unique. But to save time or if you are not confident in your artistic abilities, use ready-made stickers with this pattern.

The most convenient way is the stamping technique. It requires a metal disk engraved with a fine mesh and other patterns, a silicone-coated stamp and a scraper to remove excess varnish.

Such sets can be found in any manicure department. They are inexpensive, but they save a lot of time. Please note that the varnish must be highly pigmented, then the drawing will be clear.

A veil on nails is a great solution if your outfit or accessories have lace details. This option will not go unnoticed.

Manicure for a holiday is an indispensable attribute

You can endlessly choose a dress, pick up shoes, and think about a suitable handbag. But even the most unique image can easily be tarnished by unkempt nails. Manicure is a very important component and should not be ignored.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the type of design and color. In order to help our dear readers, we have collected a large selection of fashionable designs and manicure ideas in different colors. Everyone will find what she needs.

Don’t forget - even if you liked the picture, you should check with the artist in advance whether he can implement this idea. And also, it is important that the manicure looks advantageous with other attributes of your future look.

Things to consider:

  1. Interior design of the room where the event will take place.
  2. Availability of a general dress code or color scheme.
  3. Your dress, hairstyle, make-up, accessories and jewelry.

In addition to the above, no less important is the length and shape of your nails. After all, you've probably noticed that the same design on a short square and a long almond looks completely different.

Summer holiday manicure

A summer manicure in itself can be quite bright and festive, and thanks to modern coatings: gel polishes, or regular polishes that last up to 2-3 weeks, you can do a festive summer manicure in advance, taking into account the subsequent holiday, and wear it as an everyday one. Let's consider all the techniques for performing a festive manicure, in the photo, to choose the most suitable one:

  • A bold, original summer jacket that combines colored lily nails and mixing the color of the plate;
  • Bright colors: violet-red, yellow-lilac, rich turquoise flowers, or soft blue, light peach;
  • Juicy exotic and seasonal fruits of all ripe shades;
  • Butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs on a colored field in rhinestones and sparkles;
  • All shades of summer red: raspberry-purple, scarlet-pink, orange-red in a beautiful ombre technique;
  • All shades of green, deeper and richer than in spring;
  • Aquamarine, blue-blue changing from one to another, with gold and bronze;
  • Silver is combined with white and light or bright yellow juicy bright frank color;
  • Purple, black and yellow are a great trio for the summer season;
  • Geometry plays with bright colors!

Manicure French, Reverse French

The current holiday jacket features the most fashionable techniques. It all depends on where you are going. A trip to nature with friends, a celebration of the birth of a child, a wedding, or a cool fashion party. The style will be different: from playful brightness and tenderness, to sophisticated luxury and spectacular, uniquely stylish and fashionable nail art.

See even more photos of a cool French jacket HERE!!!

How to create an evening design correctly?

If you want your evening look to be perfect, then it is important to adhere to the following rules for creating nail art:

  • It is necessary to prepare the cuticle and moisturize it. This way you will give your hands and nails a well-groomed look;
  • We give the desired shape and length to the nails. We only use a nail file; it will be more difficult to do this with nail scissors;
  • Slowly apply the color coating. It is important to paint the entire plate evenly. If the varnish comes out on the skin, you can use a special product to remove it. If you apply gel polish, you can remove its excess using an orange stick;
  • Then you can apply additional accessories, such as rhinestones, ribbons, and foil. It is important to note that it is necessary to cover them very carefully with the finishing gel polish. Sometimes the finishing coating can spread on their glossy surface, so it is imperative to properly seal the glitter and kamifubuki. This way you will increase the life of your manicure.

Fashion trends in the nail industry change very quickly. Today it is naturalness, tomorrow it may be bright colors. It is definitely necessary to keep an eye on them. After all, before an important event, you want to prepare and look stylish for it.

Taking into account all the features of an evening manicure that are described above, you can create a unique feminine look for yourself.

Current shape and length of nails 2018

When choosing nail art for a special event, it is very important to decide on the shape and length of the nail plate. Some girls prefer to adhere to fashion trends that are relevant in 2018. The first thing that a nail technician will clarify is the desired look. Let's take a closer look at all the possible varieties:

  • Oval. This style is the closest to natural nails. That's why they are always at the peak of popularity. With its help you can easily emphasize femininity and naturalness. This is what is considered the most popular among representatives of the fair half of humanity. In addition, the oval is the most versatile. This option is ideal for almost every finger length and hand shape. Looks harmonious on short or medium nails;
  • Long pointe shoes. This type of nail plate was popular in the 90s and now remains in demand among real fashionistas. A special feature is the narrowed square tip. It is worth noting that thanks to this variation in the tip of the nail plate, the risk of breakage and damage is minimized. This form can be observed in a large number of foreign media personalities. If you have medium length nails, then this variation will be an excellent solution for creating a stylish look. It is on them that you can create incredible drawings and design solutions;
  • Almond-shaped. It will look great on long nails. On elongated nail plates, “almond” can add a touch of grace. To achieve sophistication, it is important to choose the right color palette. After all, when using bright and flashy colors, it is possible to make the appearance vulgar;
  • Square shape. This variation is the most classic. At the moment it is not as popular as it was before. There is a certain category of women who still prefer square. You have to be very careful when creating this look because it visually widens thick fingers. It will look very harmonious on long and thin fingers;
  • Soft square. This is not a classic version, but with a slight rounding. In this way you can create the effect of visual lengthening of nails and fingers in general. On this form it is possible to easily create various designs - geometric designs, rhinestones, patterns. A moon manicure or a French manicure will look very beautiful.

In 2021, naturalness and naturalness in everything is at the peak of popularity. Girls prefer their natural nails rather than fake or extensions.

A large number of women increasingly prefer French and nude colors. The most popular length is short or medium. They create a natural look with minimal intervention.

The history of manicure

The development of the nail industry began in Ancient Egypt. A person’s position in the social hierarchy depended on the color of his nails. The richer and more noble a woman was, the longer and brighter the nails were on her hands. Fashionistas of that time preferred bright red and terracotta shades. Slaves were allowed to have only pale, discreet colors on their nails. The production of nail dye at that time was significantly different from today - gelatin, wax, and eggs were used.

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The Egyptian queen Cleopatra painted her nails with henna. We can say that she was an innovator in the field of beauty - it was she who compiled one of the first manuals on caring for the body, face, hair and nails. Time passed, fashion changed: in the Middle Ages and later, long nails were considered bad manners, a distinctive sign of accessible women, actresses, bad taste and courtesans.

#1 Plain manicure without pattern

Monochrome nail art is at the peak of popularity today. This manicure looks very gentle and discreet, and does not pretend to look chic and sophisticated. The task of a single-color manicure is to show the beauty and depth of the chosen shade of gel polish.

In a single-color manicure, much attention is paid to high-quality and professional application of gel polish.

It is important that the coating is applied in an even and perfect layer without smudges or other irregularities. For a single-color manicure, you can use any shades of gel polish, with the exception of barely noticeable, translucent tones, which simply will not be noticeable on the nails

For a single-color manicure, you can use any shade of gel polish, with the exception of barely noticeable, translucent tones, which simply will not be noticeable on the nails.

Festive winter manicure

Winter offers spectacular decor that symbolizes sparkles of cold winter beauty in glitter and rhinestones. The colors are pure and clear: piercing blue, sparkling white, silver, gold. Pearlescent shades are reminiscent of transparent snow and frosty patterns.

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