How to dress stylishly for a woman over 60: advice from Vasiliev and Khromchenko. Photos of fashionable images

Wardrobe essentials

Women in adulthood have a clearly formed taste regarding how to dress stylishly. However, for those who have turned sixty, you can often see outdated models or those wardrobe items that objectively do not suit this age category.

If you are interested in the question of how to dress a 60-year-old woman, then you should listen to the recommendations of the most famous fashion designers in our country - Vasiliev and Khromchenko. First of all, every fashionista should have things in her arsenal that can become the basis for creating stylish looks.

So, your wardrobe should contain a high-quality business-style suit. To create feminine looks, you should get two or more dresses. Cardigans in various colors, blouses and skirts should also be present. For the demi-season, you should take a closer look at elegant coats and have a couple of jackets for the winter.

According to stylists' recommendations, 80% of a woman's wardrobe should include basic clothing. The remaining 20% ​​is allocated for all kinds of accessories - handbags, straps, hats and jewelry. Evelina Khromchenko says that fashionistas at this age should not wear things that have lost their relevance and constantly add fashionable elements to their outfits.

It is preferable that clothes have predominantly neutral shades, for example, white, black, gray and beige. Using primary colors you can create everyday and evening looks. When dressing for a festive event, it is recommended to add a bright detail to your look in the form of an accessory. This way you can dilute monochrome things.

Simple but stylish.

Simple solutions and classic shapes

The simpler the better - this is the secret of style for older women. A sixty-year-old fashionista won’t wear a pretentious, tacky blouse made of silk or satin with a flashy print, won’t try on tight leopard-print leggings, or buy half of the cheap jewelry on sale. A woman over 61, to look good, will stick to clothes with a simple loose fit, classic length and shape.


Older ladies choose straight-cut or flared trousers. From dense, wrinkle-free fabric (corduroy, knitwear, wool tweed) for the fall-winter season, from breathable lightweight fabric (cotton, linen) for spring-summer.

Don't forget jeans. They are always relevant and easily combined with both casual and classic clothes.

Designers do not advise choosing narrowed models that make movement difficult. They affect blood circulation, disrupting it.


Skirts can be casual or going out. In any case, when choosing, you should focus on a comfortable high rise, solid color, midi or maxi length.

Of the abundance of styles, a pencil skirt made of fabric that holds its shape well is preferable. Today, pleated and ruffled designs are in fashion; long, floor-length skirts look great in this design.


For those with a slender figure, fitted dresses with an accent on the belt suit them. If the waist is poorly defined, wrap dresses will come to the rescue.

For overweight women, a kimono dress or a free-flowing tunic will be appropriate.

The trend for 2021 remains white collars and cuffs, shirt dresses with ¾ sleeves.

Jackets, blazers, cardigans

A thick jacket, a practical jacket or a warm cardigan are perfect additions to a dress or thin blouse. They will outline the shoulder line and hide problem areas of the arms and armpits.

Among the new items of the season, attention should be paid to jackets that are narrowed at the top and widened at the bottom; they visually reduce the waist, giving charm to the hostess.

Blouses and shirts

Older women are beautiful women who can afford any type of clothing. There is always room in their wardrobe for a new blouse or shirt.

A thick shirt can be used instead of a jacket, worn on top of a thin blouse, giving the look a layering look that is fashionable today.

A high collar will cover your neck and chest and protect you from drafts.

Color and prints

Fashion for older women over 60 does not accept diversity. The wardrobe is based on pastel warm colors that shade the skin of the face and hands. All tones and undertones of beige with blue or gray go well together.

Black and white look great; checkerboard print or large black and white checkered patterns are trending. Don’t overdo it with dark color; although it makes you look slimmer, it also makes you look older.

Large flowers or asymmetrical stripes will also not harm the onion. Combine patterned items with plain outerwear, leaving an element of mystery.


Plain clothes can be well diluted with a bright accent in the form of a bright neckerchief or head scarf.

Also, the color combination of a belt and a handbag is not trendy. Suede gloves will highlight the elegance of your look.

A high-brimmed hat or cap is the undoubted highlight of the season. Sunglasses or prescription glasses will not only hide wrinkles around the eyes, but will also adequately complement the overall picture.

Order leopard print temples, natural and animal prints are in fashion.

Fashion taboos: what should not be in your wardrobe

Some items of clothing turn out to be inappropriate at an advanced age. Such things can add several years to your life. In youth or vulgar images, an adult woman will look comical. The main requirement is to maintain moderation and feel comfortable.

Therefore, the following items should be avoided when shaping bows:

  • Mini – short length skirts and dresses look inorganic after 60 years. Because bold images can highlight age-related changes. In addition, choosing a length above the knee is a sign of bad taste.
  • Too high a heel: it not only looks inharmonious, but is also unsafe. Long heels or stilettos cause harm to the spine and look provocative. Shoes should be comfortable, like oxfords or sneakers. If you are short, you should wear a pair with small heels and a stable sole. In addition, you should not wear cropped trousers.
  • Flashy colors: variegated and acidic shades are not suitable for mature fashionistas. The selected tones in clothing should be in harmony with each other.
  • Low-rise trousers: one of the main anti-trends for women of any age. This also includes deep cuts.
  • Massive jewelry and shoes: according to stylists, such items can add age and emphasize flaws. The best option is a minimalist style, which involves a minimum of unnecessary details.

What should the haircut be like?

With age, unfortunately, hair ceases to be shiny and thick. Therefore, choosing the right hairstyle can sometimes be quite difficult. But famous stylists are ready to share some useful tips:

  1. If a woman has managed to maintain a slim figure, then she may be interested in a pixie hairstyle for short hair. It requires minimal care and this haircut always looks trendy.
  2. Daring ladies can try modern short hairstyle with graduations. This option looks very romantic, gently and beautifully frames the face.
  3. The classic bob will never lose its relevance. It is perfect for ladies who are accustomed to a strict image, who like to keep order and attract the attention of others.
  4. Short graduated bob. This haircut looks good in a romantic or everyday look; it is easy to style or adjust to suit you.

As you can see, staying beautiful and attractive is very easy at any age. The main thing is to have the desire to improve every day and once and for all to refuse to be burdened in the daily routine.

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How to rejuvenate yourself by choosing clothes

In pursuit of the desire to look fresh and youthful, it is important not to overdo it and stick to reasonable limits. Designers have useful tips in this regard:

  1. Choose the right bra. Stretched and outdated underwear should not be present in a fashionista's closet. The bra should be chosen strictly in size and be of calm shades. If a woman is curvy, she should avoid push-up models, as this makes her look older.
  2. Adhere to the principle of the golden mean. Don't wear oversized silhouettes or clothes that are too tight. This is especially true for those who are overweight and overweight. The ideal solution would be a semi-fitting style that will help highlight the advantages of the figure.
  3. Get rid of outdated items in favor of new items of clothing. This rule also applies to precious jewelry. Jewelry shouldn't be bulky either.

At the same time, do not forget about your own preferences. Each item should please its owner. And if she enjoys wearing a certain outfit, there is no need to give it up.

Even if you have a small budget, you can dress elegantly. To do this, it is recommended to review your existing wardrobe. You can give a second life to old clothes. For example, combine familiar things in a new way or sew an applique.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to success

So let's start with the most important thing. To feel younger and keep your body in good shape, you need to do morning exercises every day. Remember that no one is asking the impossible of you - do a warm-up, twist your pelvis, do scissors or a few squats.

Do the exercises that you can do - no need to try to repeat the feats of twenty-year-old girls. Take care of yourself, but remain realistic.

If you have health problems, be sure to consult a doctor. After an additional examination, he may suggest useful exercises or tell you where health-improving exercises for older people are performed.

Stylish looks

To create a stylish look, Khromchenko advises using a white T-shirt or vest as a top. On top you can wear a bomber jacket or a leather jacket. For the bottom, choose trousers that are not too tight. As for shoes, chunky boots are ideal. For the cold season, it is recommended to wear a black puffy coat, complemented by a belt, or a bright-colored down jacket. However, this is not suitable for those fashionistas who have an “apple” body type.

An alternative to the first look is a combination of jeans and a matching jacket. An important condition is that the denim has a perfect fit. It is recommended to give preference to dark colors. Jeans should not have abrasions or other decorative elements. They can be advantageously combined with a white blouse without a collar, which is belted with a thin belt.

Don't be afraid of T-shirts!

A sheath dress is an essential attribute of an adult woman's wardrobe. The length should preferably be slightly below the knees. As for the color scheme, there is plenty of choice, with the exception of flashy shades.

Rules for selecting accessories

To make the image look holistic and complete, it should be complemented with various accessories. For those with poor eyesight, Khromchenko advises to avoid thin frames and glasses decorated with rhinestones or flowers. In return, they are recommended to acquire a “cat’s eye” model, which has a rejuvenating effect.

In order to add a touch of variety to your look, the fashion expert recommends wearing silk scarves. In addition, Vasiliev urges people not to give up wearing hats. They can make your look more stylish and protect your face and hair from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. With their help, the image will acquire its own zest.


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