What is the most fashionable outerwear in the fall of 2021-2022?

With the onset of cold weather, we all want comfort and warmth. To stay on trend and ensure comfort during the fall-winter season, fashion designers are creating more and more comfortable, and at the same time stylish, outerwear models for women. Since summer is already ending, let's take care of warm clothes and discuss what choices to make to feel comfortable and look stylish in the cold season.

At shows of world brands, fashion designers demonstrated many stylish models and styles of outerwear. In today’s article, we’ll look at the top new items that will be at the peak of popularity among outerwear models in the fall-winter 2021-2022 season.

Long coats

The maxi coat is still relevant, despite the fact that it is not suitable for everyone. This fall, the trend is maxi coats with fur trim in rich colors: wine, dark green, blue and brown. Instead of black, it is better to choose dark gray or brown, otherwise the coat will look monolithic and heavy.

Long coats continue to be in fashion.

To make a long coat look fashionable, it is important to choose the right accessories.

Only heels are combined with the maxi length, but with a tall person you can allow a low move, for example, boots or winter sneakers. Clothes that are too loose, like palazzo pants, are suitable for those who are tall, but everyone else needs to choose pants, skirts and dresses that fit their figure so that the silhouette looks harmonious.

If the girl’s height allows, then a long coat can be combined with low-soled shoes.

Important! Pair with ankle boots or knee-high boots for the most stylish and trendy look.

Fashionable knitted and knitted clothing

In principle, there is nothing surprising in the fact that knitted clothes are in fashion in autumn and winter; another thing is that 5-7 years ago, designers limited themselves to sweaters and half-shirts, not offering their audience either knitted skirts or trousers.

Knitwear in the Fendi and Valentino collections (middle)

What should an ideal fashion look look like? Of course, whatever you want, but if you find photos of your children in funny knitted suits, take these images as a basis and add accessories that are relevant for this season, then you will get just such a look.

Knitted women's sweaters and suit from Ports

Sweaters from the Raf Simons collection

Short coat

Among short coat options, the trendy one is a shortened coat-robe, as well as models with a straight cut to mid-thigh with a belt. Current colors: brown, yellow, red, gray and shades of blue and cyan. The trend is minimalist fur trim, a laconic cut without unnecessary elements, decor or embellishments.

The trend is a short coat with minimal decoration.

With short models, heeled ankle boots, knee-high boots and trendy low-top shoes look most stylish. Pantsuits with cropped trousers, fitted jeans, as well as pencil skirts and sheath dresses are the perfect accompaniment to an elegant coat.

Accessories include medium-sized structured bags, gloves in a contrasting shade and elegant hats in a matching style.

Jackets in the cold off-season

Practical jackets in dark shades are trending for the 2021 season. These bombers are short in length. The advantages of models with color block elements. Contrasting details should also be kept in dark colors. Among the current models, as last year, are asymmetrical hems on jackets. Such products are short in front and decorated with a long train in the back. You will always feel warm and cozy in such a jacket. At the same time, the stylish youth look is maintained.

Fur-lined denim jackets are trending. This outerwear is suitable for owners of warm personal vehicles. You can also wear a jacket in mild winters or in the off-season. Sheepskin goes well with jeans. When choosing color combinations, you should rely on the tips regarding fur trim on coats given above.

Among the main trends in the manufacture of outerwear for the cold off-season 2021, it is worth noting practicality. Collections were presented on the world's catwalks, clothes from which will be warm and comfortable on wet city streets. The versatility of most models will allow you to select clothes from a wide range and create stunning stylish looks.

Coat in bright colors

In the autumn-winter season 2021-2022, unusual colors and patterns for outerwear are in fashion. A coat made of thick fabric in bright colors, for example, electric blue, red, dark pink, blue and yellow, looks original.

Coats in bright colors will add variety to any look.

Such models must have a simple and laconic cut to compensate for the brightness of the color scheme. A bright, colorful coat can be mid-thigh or knee-length, with a midi length also possible. Maxi options are sewn in deeper and richer colors.

Shoes and accessories for bright outerwear should be chosen in neutral or dark shades to make the coat an accent piece of the look.

Sand color is trending

Coats will be even more fashionable if they are made from sand-colored fabric. Particularly popular will be models where the top layer is made of soft beige short fur. Such clothing does not look like a fur coat, although it has all its qualities. The top layer is made from sheared rabbit or plucked mink.

The beige color is widely represented in the collections of raincoats and trench coats. The classic cut of such products allows you to create sophisticated looks and combine them with most styles of clothing and their shades. Such clothes can safely be called universal and used taking this fact into account.

Checkered coat

Women's outerwear fall 2021-2022 does not have to be plain; prints are also appropriate, especially traditional ones, such as checkered patterns and its varieties.

Women's long checkered coat.

The check goes well with both dark and bright colors - red, yellow, green. This season, the trend is bright shoes or accessories in combination with checkered outerwear.

For example, burgundy, red or deep green ankle boots will go well with a gray or brown checkered coat, but in this case you need to choose more neutral accessories. In order not to overwhelm the look, it is important to choose plain clothes under the coat, for example, a basic turtleneck, dark skirt or dress.

The cage goes with any color scheme.

Important! Check is a self-sufficient print, and therefore should not be combined with other colors.

Must-have season 2021-2022: faux fur coat

The fashion for products with the prefix “eco” is gaining momentum, and this trend has not bypassed outerwear. Conservationists and environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, are actively fighting the idea of ​​killing animals for fur.

Today, the trend is reasonable consumption of resources and the production of natural fur coats does not meet these standards. Worldwide designers are switching to eco-fur , to the delight of activists and numerous celebrities. And although everything is not so simple, because very few enterprises are engaged in processing faux fur, fashion 2021-2022 is simply impossible to imagine without a fluffy and warm faux fur coat .
By the way, the quality is not inferior to natural one, both in design and in its “warming” abilities. And the number of colors, models and styles is truly impressive!

Coat with fur

Fur trim came into fashion several seasons ago and still does not lose its relevance, especially in the design of coats. A fur collar can be natural or faux, but the latter option is more preferable given the latest trends.

Long coat with fur collar.

In fashion collections dedicated to the cold autumn-winter season 2021-2022, designers presented several models of coats with fur trim. In some cases, bright fur was used, but most often preference was given to natural colors and shades.

Fur can be present not only on the collar, it can be used to trim pockets and sleeves.

The collar can be made of natural or faux fur.

With such a coat, you should choose leather accessories, perhaps with a glossy sheen or other unusual texture.

Outerwear trend No. 7: leather jackets fall winter 2021 2021

Leather is back in fashion with classic models and new looks. A trench coat or biker jacket has long been on the same level as a jacket and a straight-cut raincoat. This clothing, made of genuine leather, has won more than one heart and has long become a classic.

Strictness and conciseness are the trend of the new season.

In the new season, leather bombers and robe jackets will gain popularity. The designers focused on discreetness. This applies not only to the colors, but also to the cut of the models.

Double breasted coat

Fashionable outerwear for the winter 2021-2022 season is heavily influenced by men's style and military aesthetics. A double-breasted coat looks most stylish when paired with simple accessories and menswear-inspired clothing, such as pantsuits, black jeans and leather straight trousers.

A double-breasted coat looks laconic when combined with classic clothes.

To achieve a fashionable contrast, you can combine a double-breasted coat with ankle boots and heeled boots, skirts and dresses. The main thing is that the shoes are minimalistic and laconic, and the accessories are extremely simple and expensive.

Important! A double-breasted coat can be of any cut and style, but its minimum length should be knee-length.

Fashionable jeans and denim clothing fall-winter 2021-2022

Most likely, each of you has jeans, or even not just one pair, but several. Versatile, practical, comfortable - only for these qualities can you love them forever. In the fall and winter of 2021-2022, jeans will be in demand, and choosing exactly your style and cut will be very simple: almost all styles can be called fashionable, starting from the so-called. “cigarettes” and low-rise jeans, ending with mom jeans, tie-dye models in the 90s style, or, as they were called then, decatified - boiled in a solution based on whiteness.

Straight-leg and high-waist jeans from Christian Dior

These are exactly what - in terms of style, cut and print - were worn in the nineties. We also bought them in underground passages from gypsies, and how great it is that these times have irrevocably sunk into oblivion.

Tom Ford 90's Jeans

Junya Watanabe FW 2021-22 denim trousers and skirt

In autumn and winter 2021-2022, wear jeans with shirts and sweaters, jackets, jackets. On top you can wear a short fur coat, quilted jacket, vest or coat.

Looks from the Balenciaga and Rokh collections

We’re not sure that cropped tops are the right top for winter, but if you’re on vacation, where it’s always warm, then why not.

Fashionable denim skirts with ruffles from Rokh FW 2021

Total Denim style looks will be popular in the fall and winter of 2021-2022, which is logical and correct: you can’t have too many denim clothes.

Fashionable denim clothes from Alberta Ferretti

Bolognese coats

This year, bolognese fabric has returned to fashion, which is one of the most practical options for autumn, winter or rainy spring. Bolognese coats do not get wet in the rain and keep you warm thanks to the insulated lining.

Bolognese coat in beige color.

The trend is maxi options in deep, dark colors, which must be combined with shoes and accessories in a sporty or neutral style.

Bolognese fabric goes well with sneakers, low-top boots, backpacks, bright scarves and knitted gloves. Such material does not need to be supplemented with noble textures; on the contrary, the simpler the shoes and accessories, the better.

Fashionable models of dresses autumn-winter

A huge variety of autumn-winter 2018-2019 dresses were demonstrated at the shows of famous couturiers. They were all radically different from each other. Here you could see knitted models with openwork patterns. They smelled of femininity and coquetry. The designers of the Christian Dior fashion house really know how to surprise!


Christian Dior

Elisabetta Franchi

Quieter options were demonstrated by Atlein models. For bright beauties, Elisabetta Franchi created a luscious openwork dress that perfectly emphasizes the female silhouette. Christopher Kane does not like banality, so his admirers will definitely appreciate the unusual style of the dress.

Marta Jakubowski decided to please with a comfortable and cozy model of a dress that looks more like an elongated sweater. It looks luxurious with long black leather boots.

A calm option for everyday life from Christopher Kane will appeal to many girls who love practical and versatile things.

Christopher Kane

Marta Jakubowski

Christopher Kane


Well, where would we be without soft and noble skin? So the Hermès brand did not stand aside, releasing fashionable dresses from this material.



The metallic shine beckons, you want to look at it in detail. Balmain and Sonia Rykiel, aware of the magic of this shade, have released beautiful models that can be safely worn on a date or to a party.


Sonia Rykiel

Elie Saab skillfully combines lace with other materials to create unique outfits.

Elie Saab

Also see the latest review of fashionable clothes fall-winter 2019-2020.

Biker Jackets

Today, jackets with bias fastening are made from different fabrics: denim, leather, suede, drape and others.

Green leather biker jacket,

For autumn, warm versions of leather jackets made of leather with fur or a warm lining are suitable.

Top bows with a leather jacket made of any material:

  1. Skinny jeans, a voluminous scarf, a leather backpack and boots with thick soles.
  2. Leather trousers of an interesting color (burgundy, dark brown, dark green), an oversized bag, ankle boots.
  3. Blue straight jeans, white insulated sneakers, metallic backpack;
  4. Beanie hat, bright scarf, red boots, skinny jeans.
  5. Pencil skirt, high heeled boots, turtleneck.

Biker jackets made from different materials, including denim, will be in fashion.

Important! Among the new biker jackets are options made of denim on sheep wool, artificial or natural.

Long raincoats

Maxi-length raincoats are increasingly appearing in clothing stores and are gradually becoming fashionable. Elongated models of raincoats can be combined with both high and low shoes.

At the beginning of autumn, raincoats can even be combined with sandals or pumps, but with the onset of rain they will have to be replaced with ankle boots or boots.

Long raincoats combined with heels.

Raincoats go well with leather accessories, especially suede. The glossy texture of the skin will add gloss and glam to the image.

Long raincoats look most stylish with short skirts and skinny jeans, which can be complemented with laconic ankle boots with thick, stable heels.

Long spring coat with a short dress.

To look as trendy as possible, in warm weather it is recommended to wear the raincoat open so that the short skirt is visible. You can complement the look with a large tote bag.

Eco-fur coats

Among the models of women's outerwear for winter-autumn 2021-2022, faux fur coats stand out with their unusual design and original style. Despite the fact that eco-fur coats have been trending for several seasons in a row, they are still at the peak of fashion.

Women's faux fur coats are suitable for any age.

Women of any age can wear such fur coats thanks to the variety of models presented by the world's leading brands and in mass market stores.

The most popular are models made of bright fur - pink, yellow, but neutral options in white, brown, beige also look trendy.

The texture of denim and leather goes well with eco-fur coats, and therefore jeans, leather boots, gloves, and bags will be the best company for a bright and stylish fur coat.

Beautiful and stylish clothes for the cold season must be comfortable, and therefore fashion designers have tried to add convenience to current trends. Choose maxi coats or stylish eco-fur coats that not only meet the latest trends, but also protect well from the cold and wind.

Hot new clothes for the cold period 2021-2022: photos

To begin with, we want to highlight for you the top trends in outerwear in the coming autumn-winter season, which were clearly visible at the presentations of the Fall-Winter Fashion Week. This applies to colors, prints, materials, and finishing of fashionable fall-winter outerwear. We have highlighted the most striking and inspiring examples of outfits with women's outerwear below...


Predatory motifs will be in the spotlight this fall and winter, introducing new variations of looks with fashionable outerwear for the cold season. Among the favorites will be leopard print, which is used by designers in ultra-trend models of coats, raincoats, fur coats and bomber jackets, windbreakers and parkas.


Oversized style and loose-fitting outerwear for girls will be a must-have for girls in the coming cold seasons. If earlier you came across models of down jackets in an oversized format, today a loose silhouette will be characteristic of denim jackets, parka and bomber jackets, coats and even fur coats, which were shown by couturiers in the format of unsurpassed outerwear for autumn-winter.


During rainy and windy weather, the couturiers offered a new solution for outerwear in the format of a transparent cape or raincoat, which goes well with a coat, trench coat or jacket. You can choose an elongated version of a fashionable transparent garment or a classic thigh-length one, which will allow you to wear such a transparent raincoat in combination with any of your chosen outerwear solutions, demonstrating all the splendor of the look for the cold season.


Get ready for the continued dominance of fashionable checks in the most fashionable options for fall-winter outerwear. These will include fashionable checkered coats and trench coats, checkered raincoats and jackets, as well as fashionable checkered faux fur coats and plush jackets or sheepskin coats. There are so many cage options that there is plenty to choose from. But the main cellular trend will be the red and black Buffalo check, which will be a hit in autumn-winter outerwear.


Sparkling types of down jackets and jackets will continue to be favorites. First of all, you should pay attention to the colorful shiny models of autumn-winter outerwear, presented in blue, pink, light green, and turquoise colors. Fashionable outerwear in silver will also look impressive. Also, many types of jackets and down jackets 2021-2022 are presented with a light and delicate shine.

Fashionable outerwear: 50 photos

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