Coffee latte: types, best recipes. How to drink latte coffee correctly, in which glass to serve it? How to make iced latte, latte macchiato, with ice cream, cinnamon, syrup, pumpkin spice, gingerbread,

January 10, 2013 Varieties and recipes

Latte (also known as latte macchiato) is a milk drink based on espresso coffee. It is prepared using foamed milk and consists of three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam. It has a delicate milky taste, served in a tall glass or Irish glass, with a foam spoon.

Latte macchiato was originally invented for children in order, on the one hand, to allow them to drink coffee on an equal basis with adults, and on the other, to rid the child’s body of excess caffeine. The drink is very popular in Central and Western Europe among all segments of the population.

What is coffee latte, what types are there?

Coffee latte
The technological map for preparing latte specifies the following product standards for one serving: ground coffee - 10 grams, water - 50 grams, milk with 3.2% fat content - 150 grams . These products will make a delicious latte with airy foam.

In the recipes that will be described below, this exact amount of products will be implied. If a different quantity is required, this will be indicated. If you need to add syrup to a drink according to the recipe, then pour no more than 20 ml, otherwise it will be too cloying.

There are many types of this drink:

  • iced latte
  • macchiato
  • classical
  • with ice cream
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla and mint
  • pumpkin spice
  • gingerbread
  • caramel
  • cheesy
  • banana
  • lavender
  • with almond milk
  • peanut
  • walnut
  • coconut

To prepare each type of drink, you will find a recipe in this article below. Prepare it for yourself, your family and friends and enjoy the unique taste of Italian coffee.

How to froth milk for a latte?

Coffee latte
To brew a perfect and delicious latte, you need to know how to froth milk correctly. This is an important component; without it, the latte will be a completely different coffee drink. How to froth milk for a latte? This can be done using a coffee machine and mixer.

Here are some tips on how to froth milk in a coffee machine to get foam:

  • Warm the milk and pour it into a small metal mug or similar container.
  • Turn on the device and activate the steam tap for a few seconds.
  • Immerse the steam tap in the liquid and turn on the “Steam” mode for 3-5 seconds.
  • Do this for 3-4 circles. Raise the right faucet from bottom to top and back for 10 seconds.
  • Place the mug of milk at an angle and steam for 1-2 seconds.

Turn off the steam tap when the required amount of foam has formed in the mug. You can also beat the milk into foam using a mixer whisk:

  • Turn on the "Turbo" mode, but with a low amplitude.
  • Pour warmed milk into a mug.
  • Place the mixing whisk into it. Tilt the mug of milk slightly.
  • Start whipping the foam, moving the whisk in different directions.

It is advisable to use a tall metal glass or mug to prevent the milk from splashing when whisked. Now you know how to make milk froth. You can start making coffee.

Composition, preparation rules and calorie content of coffee latte

Several components are used for preparation. Drink composition:

  • milk;
  • coffee;
  • water.

Moreover, liquids other than milk are not always added to lattes. A two-component drink consists of it and coffee. The proportions are always different, which determines the properties, height of the foam, and taste.

To prepare latte macchiato, 2 main ingredients are used. The sequence of actions is different: milk is added to coffee. Moreover, this drink has similarities with cappuccino (appearance, taste). The difference lies in the ratio of milk and coffee. In a latte, the first component is contained in an amount that is 2 times greater than the dose of the second ingredient. During its preparation, on the contrary, coffee is added to milk. Another difference is that the height of the milk foam is much smaller.

When preparing such a drink, the fat content is taken into account, especially if the goal is to maintain weight at the desired level. The composition includes a significant amount of dairy product, so this variety cannot be considered for weight loss.

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Calorie content (based on a standard set of components) – 124-183 units. The value of this parameter is indicated for a serving of coffee containing 5 g of sugar. This indicator increases as the dose of the sweet substance changes. Calorie content of a latte without sugar per 100 ml is 58-63 units. It depends on the properties of the products used (milk fat content). The value of this parameter (if a standard serving of coffee is considered) is 104-163 kcal.

Basic rules for making latte:

  • the recommended ratio of components is 1:2 or 1:3 (given that milk is used in a larger volume than coffee, the strength of the finished drink decreases);
  • common recipe: about 60 ml espresso, 120-180 ml dairy product;
  • First of all, a coffee drink is prepared: in a Turk or coffee machine, coffee maker, Aeropress.

Selection of coffee, roasting and grinding beans

They use different types: ground, grain, instant. In each case, finished products with different taste qualities are obtained.

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However, to prepare a classic drink you need a component with special properties. This can cause complications in the cooking process, as it takes time to find and prepare suitable ingredients. But the result is the right drink.

Recommendations for choosing coffee:

  1. The most suitable option is with a pronounced taste, bitterness should be present, like Arabica or Robusta. Therefore, a mixture of these species is used in a ratio of 5:1 or 10:1;
  2. To make latte coffee, it is not necessary to purchase expensive, elite varieties (without additives). In this case, weak shades of aroma will be lost, since milk enhances more pronounced tones.
  3. Grinding is also important: it is recommended to choose a medium or fine grain size. Moreover, it does not matter how long ago the beans were ground - you can use freshly prepared coffee or purchased some time ago in a store.
  4. When preparing a drink with flavors (finished product), do not use a Turk or a carob coffee maker; in this case, a French press is used.
  5. Roasting may vary, but it is noted that in most cases, preference is given to dark roasted coffee varieties, as they taste bitter. For lovers of a mild taste, a slightly lighter version is suitable; richly light-roasted beans are not used due to increased acidity.

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Choosing water and the right milk

When a latte is prepared at home, its taste greatly depends on the properties of the main components. These include liquid. Thus, it is not recommended to use boiled tap water. In both cases, chlorine compounds will negatively affect the properties of the finished product. The most preferred types of liquid:

  • bottled;
  • spring;
  • well

But in each case there are also restrictions, for example, they do not use a liquid whose mineralization rate is above 200 mg/l. Recommended values ​​for this parameter are 70-150 mg/l. It is acceptable to use a liquid with a mineralization index of 150-200 mg/l, but the taste of the finished product may change slightly.

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Vadim Kudryavtsev

Coffee expert, professional barista and simply in love with this aromatic drink.

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When choosing milk, take into account the degree of fat content. Thus, in practice it was found that the most suitable product should be characterized by a value of this parameter in the range of 2.5-3.2%.

The higher this indicator, the more difficult it is to froth the milk until foam appears. When drinking the drink, a high percentage of fat content will be felt, which can also negatively affect the taste of the coffee. If this figure is less than 2.5%, a change in the properties of the finished product is also noted. It loses its creamy taste.

It is recommended to use pasteurized milk. Its temperature is also taken into account. For preparation, take the dairy product cool (for a cappuccino maker) or warmed up (if you use a mixer for whipping). In the first case, the temperature should not exceed +60°C; in the second, the value of this parameter is reduced to +4°C (refrigerated product is used).

What kind of milk do you use for your latte?


How to make iced latte: recipe

Ice latte coffee
Ice is ice. The coffee will be with ice and it is good to drink in the summer when it is hot. Recipe for making iced latte:

  • You will need a shaker. If you don't have it, then you'll have to buy it.
  • Fill the shaker 1/4 full with ice.
  • Brew espresso and pour the drink into a shaker. Pour in milk and vanilla syrup, but not more than 20 ml.
  • Shake the shaker until the ice pieces dissolve.
  • Then pour the drink into the glass.

This coffee is great for invigorating and cooling on a hot day. On a summer morning, this cocktail is a great start to the day.

How to make latte macchiato: recipe

Coffee latte macchiato
Macchiato is coffee with a speck in the middle. The coffee spot is placed on a stable foam and sprinkled with cocoa powder, finely grated chocolate bar or cinnamon. Here is the recipe for making latte macchiato:

  • Brew espresso coffee in a Turk from 1 teaspoon of ground coffee and 50 grams of water.
  • Strain the coffee through a special strainer.
  • Heat milk with a fat content of at least 3.2%. It should be hot, but you don't need to boil it - this is important.
  • Pour the foamed milk into a tall glass in which you will serve the drink. You will get 2 layers in a glass: milk and foam. Now you need to pour coffee between these layers.
  • Heat the filtered coffee again until almost boiling.
  • Carefully, in a thin stream, begin pouring coffee into the glass. If it is hotter than milk, then it will take its place - between the milk and the foam. Therefore, it is important to remember to heat the coffee after filtering.
  • The coffee passes through the foamy head and leaves a stain.
  • Sprinkle the top of the drink with ground cinnamon, fine chocolate chips or sifted cocoa powder - no lumps.

Serve this coffee as soon as you prepare it.

Let's drink latte according to the rules

First, let's determine how to drink a classic latte - a drink prepared by adding foamed milk to espresso. Caffè latte is served in large portions. A lush cocktail fills a transparent glass, demonstrating a delicate light brown background and a play of “café au lait” shades. A white milk cap rises above the rim of the glass, which is decorated with a delicious sprinkle of grated chocolate or cinnamon. There is a teaspoon on the saucer next to the glass.

The most popular glassware for serving latte in restaurants and at home is a special Irish glass. There is a comfortable handle on its leg, which helps out if the drink is hot. An elegant cocktail looks best in a transparent glass, but pouring it into a ceramic cup is not forbidden. The main thing is that it is large in volume and has thick walls to keep the drink warm.

The path to the delicate contents of the glass lies through the voluminous, porous milk foam. Let’s use the spoon offered and calmly enjoy the white airy substance and eat it with pleasure. Now you can take a big, bold sip of the thick drink. While we were working on the foam, it cooled down a little and is ready to bring pleasure in taste and benefit to its contents.

How to make a classic latte?

Coffee latte classic
Latte classic is prepared quickly and easily. This is a great option for morning coffee when you don’t have time to make breakfast but need to cheer yourself up.

  • First, brew some coffee.
  • Then whisk the milk after heating it.
  • Warm another portion of milk and pour it into a glass, followed by coffee and milk foam.

This coffee is very tasty. This is a great start to the day.

How to make an ice cream latte?

A creamy latte cocktail with ice cream is no longer coffee, but a real dessert that will help you cool down on a hot summer day.

  • Brew coffee in your usual way.
  • Whisk hot milk until foamy.
  • Pour coffee into a large glass, then milk with foam and place a scoop of cold dessert “Cream ice cream” on top.

You can sprinkle finely grated chocolate on top of a glass of this drink - this is a delicious finishing touch that will add originality to the drink.

How to make a vanilla mint latte with vanilla mint syrup?

Vanilla coffee latte is suitable for drinking in summer. But you can make it in winter, if you need to cheer up, but don’t have time to drink hot coffee. Recipe for making vanilla latte with vanilla syrup:

  • Place a few ice cubes in a tall glass.
  • Brew coffee as usual and froth the hot milk.
  • Now pour milk into a glass with ice, then coffee and a little syrup. You can stir it slightly.

Peppermint latte, unlike coffee with vanilla syrup, is served hot. This is a great way to stay warm and prevent runny nose and cough during cold season. Peppermint latte recipe with mint syrup:

  • Brew espresso coffee as usual.
  • Heat the milk, but do not boil.
  • Pour milk into an Irish glass, followed by a thin stream of coffee. At the end add 20 ml of syrup. Stir lightly.

Remember the serving temperature - coffee and milk must be hot.

Benefits of latte

People started brewing coffee a long time ago. The main purpose of its use is to give tone to the body and vigor to the spirit. Adding dairy products to hot coffee has become popular recently, but the practice has become widespread. The fact is that milk is a source of calcium. Every child knows that they need to drink it regularly.

A drink with the addition of this ingredient is really useful. But people suffering from hypertension should abstain from it, as coffee stimulates an increase in blood pressure.

Decaf latte is healthier. Even children are allowed to use this product.

It has been proven that 1 cup of milk espresso per day helps improve memory and attention.

How to make a pumpkin spice latte?

Pumpkin-spice latte coffee
Spiced coffee is pleasant to drink, as the taste is unusual and original. Add pumpkin to this drink and it will become a favorite for you and your guests. To make a pumpkin spice latte, follow these steps:

  • Bake 50 grams of pumpkin in the oven. Then puree it using a blender.
  • Brew coffee as regular espresso.
  • Heat 150 ml of milk and add a little cinnamon, grated ginger root and nutmeg. Put the milk back on the stove and heat again, without bringing it to a boil. As soon as bubbles appear, remove from heat.
  • Combine milk with spices and pumpkin puree. Stir. Add 20 ml of vanilla syrup, stir again.
  • Pour coffee into a glass. Add the pumpkin milk mixture and top with whipped cream.

This coffee delights everyone who tries it. At first people can't guess what kind of drink it is. The milk mixture, with the smell of spices and the taste of pumpkin, turns out to be very pleasant and unusual in taste.

How to make coffee latte at home without a coffee machine

There are different ways to prepare such a drink. They may differ in the use of additives, but in each case one technology is taken as a basis, which allows the finished product to be made in layers. This is the main feature of this drink. At the bottom of the container there is a layer of milk, above there is coffee, and on top there is thick foam.

Classic recipe

To prepare a latte, you must follow the instructions. Step by step instructions:

  1. Brewed and instant coffee is prepared - the choice of method depends on personal preference. In this case, the drink must be strong enough.
  2. Not everyone has a cappuccino maker at home, so a method of frothing milk using a mixer or blender is considered. First, the dairy product must be heated to +60°C.
  3. Beat the prepared milk. The duration of the procedure is no more than 5 minutes, this is enough to obtain thick foam.
  4. The milk is poured into a container suitable for this drink - an Irish glass, but any other (tall) glass will do.
  5. Coffee is added to the container. The milk foam will remain on top. But it is important to pour the drink gradually - in a thin stream. Due to this, the necessary structure is ensured (layer-by-layer arrangement of all liquids).

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pumpkin drink

Main ingredients:

  • water – 80 ml;
  • coffee – 210 ml;
  • milk – 400 ml;
  • if necessary, add sugar (no more than 50 g per specified volume).

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Additionally, pumpkin and cinnamon are prepared. The last of the components is taken in any quantity (to taste). You will need no more than 90 g of pumpkin. It is washed, cleaned, crushed (first cut into pieces). At this stage, water and sugar are added to the product. It is necessary to simmer the mixture of components over low heat until the structure of the pumpkin changes (it should become soft). This takes no more than 20 minutes.

Pumpkin is crushed using a blender. You need to get a puree of uniform consistency. After adding cinnamon, the container is returned to the stove. The puree is left to simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. The finished product must cool to room temperature, then it is mixed with a pre-strained coffee drink. At the last stage, add milk (in a thin stream).

Making iced latte

The standard ratio of milk to coffee (2:1) is changed because other ingredients are also included. Take 60 ml of espresso, 120 ml of milk, then add 10 ml of chocolate and 5 ml of vanilla syrup. Use a few ice cubes for cooling. Instructions:

  1. You need to make coffee.
  2. If you are preparing a latte with syrup, use other sweeteners instead of sugar. When the coffee is ready, add liquid chocolate and vanilla syrup. The components are mixed until a uniform mixture is obtained.
  3. Ice cubes are poured into the bottom of a tall glass; they can be crushed beforehand.
  4. Pour the mixture containing coffee into the container.
  5. Add prepared milk (whipped until foam forms) in a thin stream.

Which latte do you like best?

HotIce latte

With lemon and mint

This latte recipe features a modified coffee to milk ratio (95 and 210 ml respectively). Prepare sugar and a slice of chocolate (to be used as shavings for decoration), 2 slices of lemon, a few mint leaves. Recipe:

  • Squeeze juice from the specified amount of lemon.
  • It is mixed with previously prepared espresso.
  • Before whipping heated milk, you need to add sugar to it and wait until it dissolves.
  • The milk drink is introduced into the coffee in a thin stream.
  • Decorate with mint and chocolate shavings.

New Year's recipe

If you plan to make lattes without a coffee machine for the holidays, you can use this method as a basis. To prepare the drink, use ready-made espresso and milk (1:2). Additional components: honey (1 tsp), 1/3 tsp. cinnamon. You can add small marshmallows. Recipe:

  1. Coffee is being prepared.
  2. Add honey and cinnamon.
  3. The heated milk must be whipped with a mixer until foam forms.
  4. First pour coffee with additives into a tall glass, then pour the dairy product (in a thin stream).

Layered latte

Prepare milk and espresso in a 2:1 ratio. This is another type of latte with syrup. Irish Cream syrup will be used during the preparation stage. It should be taken into account that low-fat milk (2%) is used to create this coffee drink. For this reason, the recipe is considered an exception among others, which contain a dairy product with a fat content of more than 2.5%. Recipe:

  • Syrup is poured into the glass. It is used chilled. This will allow you to obtain a multilayer structure of the liquid.
  • Add whipped milk (at this stage take ½ portion).
  • The espresso is mixed with the remaining warm milk (it should not be whipped).
  • The mixture of coffee and dairy product is added in a thin stream into the container.
  • The remaining espresso is poured into the glass.

A high foam forms on top. It needs to be decorated with something (chocolate shavings, etc.).

Making art latte

The peculiarity of this type of drink is the decoration in the form of a foam pattern. To prepare it, take another container - a wide cup. First you need to brew black coffee. Then heat the milk and beat it until foam forms. Coffee is carefully poured into the cup. The next step is to add milk (in a thin stream). It is recommended to pour it to a certain level: 3-4 mm from the edge. At this stage, a drawing is made using foam.

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Use milk and previously brewed espresso (2:1 ratio). At one stage, add chopped ginger (½ tsp), add sugar to taste. Recipe:

  1. Prepare the milk. It should be heated later.
  2. Add ginger and sugar.
  3. Heat the mixture and beat until foam appears.
  4. First, coffee is poured into the container, then a milk drink (in a thin stream).

If you don't like the rich taste of ginger too much, you can reduce its dosage according to personal preference.

Caramel with cream

Milk to espresso ratio (ml): 210/95. Some types of caramel-based lattes may contain other auxiliary ingredients, such as cream (20 ml). This recipe does not require foaming milk. Recipe:

  • The milk is heated. There is no need to beat it.
  • Prepare a drink based on ground coffee. It is boiled, after which caramel syrup (20 ml) is immediately poured in.
  • The cream is whipped. You need to get a thick foam.
  • Coffee is poured into the container, then milk. The top layer is creamy foam.

Will you try the new recipes from the article?

Not really

How to make gingerbread latte?

Gingerbread coffee latte
This recipe is similar to a coffee drink with syrup. But in this case, you don’t need to take the syrup from the store, but cook it yourself. Recipe for gingerbread latte:

  • Boil the syrup: sugar and water in a 1:1 ratio. To make 20 ml of syrup, take 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. Stir and cook over low heat until golden brown. As the syrup begins to turn a little yellow, turn off the gas so as not to burn it, and add a pinch of ginger and cinnamon. Mix the spices and syrup well.
  • Now brew the coffee, heat it up and froth the milk.
  • Pour milk into a glass, then coffee and spiced syrup. Stir and serve.

This coffee turns out fragrant, the aroma will spread throughout the house.

How to make a caramel latte?

To make this coffee you will need caramel syrup. There are many varieties of this syrup, so choose one that suits your taste. Prepare a caramel latte according to these instructions:

  • Brew some coffee.
  • Warm the milk and whisk until thick foam.
  • Pour milk with foam into a glass, then coffee.
  • Now pour in 15 ml of syrup and stir.

Serve coffee with a straw. Children especially like this drink. But do not forget that young children under 12 years old are not recommended to drink coffee.

How to make a cheese latte?

Cheese latte coffee
Velvety texture, cheese-creamy taste, airy milk foam on top - this is a cheese latte. Making a cheese latte is easy:

  • Brew coffee in a Turk with the addition of 1 teaspoon of sugar, salt on the tip of a knife and the same amount of cinnamon. If you like spices, you can also add grated nutmeg, black pepper or cocoa.
  • Pour 100 ml of heavy cream into a tall metal container. Heat on fire and add 50 grams of processed cheese to them.
  • Whip cream with cheese.
  • Strain the coffee through a strainer and heat again. Then pour it into the cream and cheese. Whisk again.
  • Pour the drink into a glass and garnish with cinnamon.

To prepare such a fabulous-tasting coffee, you can use not only ordinary processed cheese, but also curd mass or mascarpone. There are many options, choose what you like.

Differences between latte and other coffee drinks


These two drinks are very similar to each other. The main difference is that when making a macchiato, milk is added to the drink, but for a latte, the opposite is true. A latte has more of a coffee flavor, while a macchiato has a milky flavor.

Latte and coffee with milk

French coffee with milk differs from Italian coffee primarily in the technique of preparation and serving. Coffee with milk can be prepared using either espresso or Americano. Latte is prepared only with espresso.

How to make a banana latte?

Banana latte coffee
Bananas go well with milk and coffee. Brew a latte that will taste unforgettable. Banana is sweet, so no sugar or syrup is needed. Prepare a banana latte according to this recipe:

  • Brew coffee and blend it with half a banana in a blender.
  • Whisk hot milk and pour it into a glass.
  • Add coffee and banana, and garnish the foam with coconut flakes.

As a decoration, you can use a circle of kiwi or half a slice of pineapple. Place these fruits on the top of the glass - delicious and beautiful.

How does latte differ from other drinks?

Lattes and other coffee drinks are somewhat similar to each other. Especially similar to latte macchiato. But their recipes are different. When preparing a regular latte, coffee is first poured into the bowl, and then milk is added to it. When making a macchiato, the opposite is true. First - milk, then coffee. The feeling of coffee notes is greater in latte, and milk notes in macchiato.

Cappuccino and latte are also different in preparation. Here milk and coffee come in equal proportions. Cappuccino is drunk in small cups. And for lattes, large-volume containers are used.

How to make a latte with almond milk?

Coffee latte with almond milk
This drink has a spicy aroma and a very pleasant taste. Tangerine and ground bitter chili pepper add piquancy. The unusual combination of ingredients in this recipe will make every person enjoy a unique aftertaste if he decides to try this coffee. This is a real treat - a spicy drink made with almond milk. Try it and enjoy. How to make a latte with almond milk? Here is the prescription:

  • Peel one tangerine and divide into slices.
  • In a small metal container, mix 150 ml of almond milk, a little cinnamon, vanilla syrup, ground chili on the tip of a knife. Place on the fire and add the tangerine with the peel. Keep on gas for 5 minutes. Stir, and without bringing to a boil, remove from heat. The mixture should be hot.
  • Make some coffee.
  • Strain the milk mixture with spices and tangerine through a sieve. Only the liquid part of this mixture goes into coffee - tangerine and zest are not needed. What we need has already been boiled into milk, resulting in a spicy, citrusy taste.
  • Whisk the milk until foamy.
  • Heat the coffee and pour it into a glass. Add milk and serve.

Garnish the latte with a cinnamon stick or insert a straw into the glass.

How to serve the drink

Before you learn how to drink a latte correctly, read the rules for serving the drink. This coffee is most often prepared and served in Irish glasses. These are special glass containers for cappuccino and latte. Through the transparent walls you can see the layers and structure of the drink.

Lattes can also be served in porcelain cups. They should be much higher and wider than usual. After all, this coffee drink should be consumed in large portions.

Whipped milk foam can be sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla or grated chocolate. Sometimes the top layer of latte is poured with syrups. It is very important to pay attention to the composition of additional ingredients, because not every flavor goes well with a latte. For example, fruit syrups would be inappropriate. They spoil the taste of the drink and make it bitter. It is better to use chocolate or vanilla syrups.

How to drink a latte correctly: with or without sugar? Many people prefer to sweeten their drink. However, traditionally sugar is not added to this type of coffee. To give the latte a sweet taste, you can only add syrups with chocolate or vanilla.

How to make a peanut latte?

Peanut latte coffee
To make this coffee you need to buy peanut butter and chocolate syrup or topping, which is usually used as a topping for ice cream. Prepare a peanut latte like this:

  • Place a tablespoon of peanut butter in a glass and dilute it in 50 ml of boiling water (milk is possible). Stir the mixture and add chocolate syrup. Take these ingredients (paste and syrup) in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Brew coffee and stir into peanut-chocolate mixture.
  • Now pour this mixture into this glass and top with milk whipped into foam.

Garnish the latte with cinnamon or sifted cocoa.

How to make a hazelnut latte?

Walnut coffee latte
Walnut coffee is not only tasty, but also satisfying. You can drink it during your pre-lunch snack. The nut latte is prepared as follows:

  • Roast 30 grams of peeled hazelnuts. Grind them in a blender. Reserve 1 teaspoon of nuts for garnish.
  • In a saucepan, combine milk, nut powder and 1 teaspoon of condensed milk. Put on gas and heat, but be careful not to let the mixture boil. Whisk it and pour it into an Irish glass.
  • Then pour in freshly brewed coffee and garnish with grated nuts.

Serve the drink with a straw.

How to drink latte coffee correctly, in which glass to serve it?

Latte coffee in a glass
Regular coffee is usually served in small cups. But latte coffee is served in tall glasses with a handle, Irish glasses or other large cups. This coffee should not be confused with regular coffee or cappuccino - these are completely different drinks.

  • The cooks of many cafes do not know how to make a real latte and serve guests regular coffee with the addition of milk and syrup.
  • But, if the taste does not live up to expectations, then the mood will be ruined.
  • In a real latte, the ratio of coffee to milk is 1:3. The base is freshly brewed espresso. The taste of a real latte is not bitter, like coffee, but delicately creamy with a sweetish tint.
  • How to drink latte coffee correctly? After serving this drink, you can mix all the layers and drink over the edge of the glass. It would also be correct to drink through a straw, enjoying every sip.

Try the Italian pride - latte coffee. Prepare it for your family or friends. Let everyone know the taste of this wonderful drink with which you can start your morning.

What is a latte?

The Italian coffee "cocktail" was invented for children's consumption. But for adults for whom espresso or cappuccino seemed too strong, it was also suitable.

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A latte looks like a flaky drink when served in a clear glass with a handle. Coffee, milk and foam alternate, creating a wonderful and appetizing transition of shades. And a skilled barista will draw a real work of art on top.

It would seem like coffee with milk, but there are so many different combinations. But a connoisseur will never confuse a real latte with a cappuccino. In the first case, twice as much milk is poured into the cup as the dark ingredient, whereas in a similar version the proportion is 1:1. Therefore, latte is always softer, easier and more enjoyable to drink.

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